"Unrating Vienna" in London and Hamburg

The Vienna Tourist Board’s campaign "Unrating Vienna" is rolled out internationally with a huge out-of-home flight in London as well as in Hamburg, Germany. It aims to encourage visitors to the city to break out of the corset of "rating pressure" and focus on what really matters on vacation: indiviual experiences. Everywhere across the London underground system, Waterloo train station and digital bus stops throughout the city the campaign asks one key question: ‘So who decides what you like?’ Thus, "Unrating Vienna" focuses on a highly topical subject that has a huge impact on the whole tourism industry – online ratings and reviews.

Discover your own Vienna

The campaign is running throughout June across London and Hamburg. It’s played out across no less than 30 London underground stations, Waterloo train and 35 digital bus stops. The five adverts each portray beautiful, positive, enjoyable little moments, places, dishes or objects in Vienna that have been dragged through the mud by genuinely negative ratings or polarizing comments from various online users. All of these comments are based on actual ratings and reviews found on the web. A romantic boat ride on the Danube is dismissed as "boooring" and given only one star. The other ads include the stunning view over Prater Park which is simply described as "rubbish", Schönbrunn Palace’s extensive lawn is called "a mess", a traditional Viennese coffee house is criticized for having "no takeaway coffee" and the outdoor benches of the cosy restaurant Heuriger Schübel-Auer for lacking "backrests".

The campaign also has a strong social media presence as well as on selected online platforms such as TripAdvisor – the place where the topic of ratings is at its most relevant. Programmatic advertising on digital channels will target various audiences across desktop, mobile and addressable TV. Using the hashtag #UnratingVienna will help carry the discussion across international borders.