So who decides what you like?

We live in a digital bubble. So many aspects of our lives are influenced, planned, directed and regulated by external factors: 

From hotel rooms and restaurants to taxi drivers and the latest chewing gum flavor, everything and everyone is rated these days. People trust the opinions of total strangers and follow their opinions and ratings. And all of that makes it even more difficult to experience anything new or surprising – especially when planning a vacation. As a result, chance encounters are more or less a thing of the past.

So we want to encourage you to discover Vienna on your own terms!

of all holidaymakers read at least seven reviews before making a booking
of all users are skeptical if they find only positive reviews of a product or location.
of all Yelp reviews are fake, according to one study. Yes, that's one in five.

Weird reviews – the best of the bunch:

The best moments can't always be rated.

A little bit of inspiration for unique experiences that can't be expressed in a simple sound bite.

The length of the average online review is shrinking all the time: these days they are rarely longer than a tweet.

In 2017, one contributor managed to make it from 18,149th place to top spot on Tripadvisor in just eight months – with a made-up restaurant.

Used as a travel planning tool, online ratings regularly influence booking behavior: 33% of people change hotel, and 7% even end up choosing a different country.




Discover your own Vienna

Anyone who plans a holiday based purely on ratings stands a good chance of missing out on those little firsts, great encounters and nice surprises. Which is why we are inviting you here and now to join us and discover Vienna in a playful way.

Give our random generator a spin for a unique Vienna experience.